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Review Process

Double-Blind Peer Review Process

The evaluation of the research work is essential before publicizing the research contribution of the Research Scholar. The “public” Peer Review Process is a toiling process to signify the empirical and/or theoretical based research work.
The author is required to submit paper that provides the complete manuscript along with the data set used for the study. In case of primary data research, the submission of questionnaire is a prerequisite for the start of the review process.

Internal Review Process

The Managing Editor takes the opportunity to formally check the Professional Standards of the manuscript. The manuscript is restricted to fall within the Focus and Scope of JCMI. It is critically viewed that the manuscript must meet the requirement of the JCMI and is worthy of sending for the further Peer Review process (Internal Review). The author(s) are intimated via an email conveying: a) whether the manuscript has promised to meet the Basic Scientific Standards of JCMI; b) whether the manuscript exhibits potential to be within the scope of the JCMI and covers contemporary macroeconomic issue; c) whether manuscript meets the criteria of being placed at the research work that contributes to the existing knowledge, in empirics and theory. However, the final decision of publishing manuscript will rely upon the comments of the panel of reviewers.

External Review Process

After the Internal Review is positive, the manuscript is finally sent for the External Review.
Based on the Reviewers’ (Internal & External) comments, the Editor-in-Chief is sent the status of the manuscript who finally decides among one of the following options to be conveyed to the author by the Managing Editor that manuscript is:

  • Accepted for the publication.
  • Accepted after the proposed changes by Internal & External Reviewers are incorporated.
  • Rejected