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Scholastic Center for Education, Knowledge, and Research (SCEKR) and Journal of Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues (JCMI) are adhered to Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. Therefore, the author(s) who submit research work agree to the Copyright policy of JCMI.

The author(s) who publish their research by JCMI retain the Copyrights and publishing rights of their research work and thus also agree to let the others remix, tweak, and build upon their further research for non-commercial purpose. Moreover, these Copyrights enable authors to archive, pre-print and post-print the publisher’s version/PDF for their personal, institutional repositories and libraries without asking for permission from JCMI.

Open Access

SCEKR is a ‘green’ publisher since allows free reading, downloading, copy, distribute, print, and self-archiving of accepted and published research work through an Open Access Policy. This Open Access Policy is to promote the research activity within the area of macroeconomics. Therefore, adoption of open access policy is endeavored by the virtue of JCMI being area specific (Macroeconomics) to facilitate the faculties, and scholars to have open access towards the published research work to explore published research in their specific area of study.