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Do Remittance Outflow and Exchange Rate Wavering Distress Domestic Private Investment in ASEAN? A Conceptual Panel Cointegration
Khawaja Asif Mehmood; Sallahuddin Hassan; Muhammad Zahir Faridi

CPEC in the Perspective of Pakistan Economy: A Comprehensive Analysis
Ishtiaq Ahmad; Ali Azam Shehzad; Shehzad Hussain

An Effect of Money Supply on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan
Roeela Kausar; Muhammad Kamran Bhatti; Shehreen Gull

Intergenerational Transmission of Health: Evidence from Selected Districts of Pakistan
Imran Abbas; Sumaira Batool; Khatiba Zahra

Energy Consumption and Industrial Sector Performance in Pakistan
Shan-e-Zehra; Muhammad Aurmaghan; Iqra Ismail

Socioeconomic Impact of Solar Pump on Farmer Livelihood in Southern Punjab, Pakistan: A Case Study of District Vehari
Hamza Zaka; Usman Mustafa; Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh

The Determinants of Demand for Money: Empirical Evidence from Some Selected Developing Countries
Sabiha Parveen; Muhammad Sibt e Ali; Muhammad Atif Adeem

Exploring and Estimating the Size of Shadow Economy by Using Monetary Approach: Case Study of Pakistan
Shehreen Gull; Roeela Kausar; Anum Saleem

Estimating Health Determinants of Two Generations: Evidence from Selected Districts of Pakistan
Imran Abbas; Sumaira Batool; Muhammad Ali Nawaz

Modeling the Impact of Export along with Government Education Spending on Economic Growth of Pakistan: An ARDL and Bound Test Approach
Roeela Kousar; Muhammad Waseem; Shehreen Gull

Human Capital Formation and Income Disparity in Developing Nations: A Panel Data Analyses
Mubashir Ishfaq; Muhammad Ahsan; Muhammad Yousaf

Defense Expenditure, Foreign Aid and Economic Growth of Pakistan
Anum Fida; Shakee; Ahmad; Javed Hussain

Social Overhead Capital and Poverty Alleviation: Panel Data Analysis in the SAARC Countries
Rana Zafar Hayat; Shama Tahir; Shan-e-Zahra

Tax Revenue, Development Spending and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan
Khatiba Asmat Zahra; Muhammad Samar Abbas; Muhammad Aurmaghan

Role of Islamic Microfinance Towards Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals: An Empirical Study of Women Enterprises in South Punjab, Pakistan
Shazia Nawaz; Sadia Bibi; Abdul Rahman

Fiscal Decentralization and Quality of Education in Pakistan
Naima Narmeen; Sheneela Altaf; Salva Usman

Economic Profile of Tribal Areas in South Punjab: Analyzing Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainability
Muhammad Hanif Akhtar; Muhammad Umer Quddoos; Mustansar Hayat

An Empirical Analysis of SMEs Growth and its Contribution in Poverty Reduction of Pakistan
Ruksana Rasee; Gull Rukh Jajja; Mazhar Nadeen Ishaq

Twin Deficit Hypothesis in Selected Low Income Countries
Sohail ur Rasheed; Hamna Haq

Impact of Globalization on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan
Muhammad Ali Gardezi; Muhammad Aurmaghan; Muhammad Ali Nawaz

Asymmetric Impact of Interest Rate, Exchange Rate and Oil Prices on Stock Price of BRICS
Aurangzaib; Muhammad Ali Gardezi; Muhammad Samar Abbas

Exploring the Existence of J-Curve in South Asian Countries: An Empirical Analysis
Roeela Kausar; Sidra Ilyas; Shehreen Gul

Socio-Economic Factors affecting labor Supply in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis
Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh; Sheneela Altaf; Anam Fida

Trade Openness and Poverty: Evidence from a Panel of Developing Countries
Dr. Rashid Sattar; Dr. Yasir Karim; Dr. Farzana Munir

Mapping the Role of Fiscal Decentralization to Improve Female Human Capital: An Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
Sidra Naeem; Mahnaz Muhammad Ali; Ali Azam

Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan Based ARDL to Cointegration Approach
Ghazia Khoula; Saif ur Rehman; Sadia Idrees

Does Higher Misery Index Dry Up Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in Pakistan? An ARDL Bound Testing Approach
Asif Khan; Kashif Bilal Majeed; Habib Asghar

Demand Management Policies, External Debt and Growth Nexus in SAARC Countries
Zara Amjad; Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh; Kashif Saeed