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Mission Statement

Scholastic Center for Education, Knowledge, and Research (SCEKR) is instituted with a purpose of constructing a platform to promote Education, Knowledge, and Research. The core aim is to serve the research scholars, in the field of economics, who carry interest in contemporary macroeconomic issues, with sufficient sharing of knowledge, understanding, and publication of their research in advance to previous.


The SCEKR aims to promote education, knowledge, and research. Therefore, Journal of Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues (JCMI) is initiated to hearten the research work of the national and international scholars who pursue their post graduate and graduate level studies at various public and private sector universities across Pakistan/Worldwide. Also, to provide the opportunity of publishing quality research work to the educationists who are serving or have served at top ranked universities of Pakistan and foreign and have wide research experiences in the field of economics.

Functionality and Financial Composition

The functionality of SCEKR rests at an aim to promote research. Therefore, NO FEE is charged for the submission of manuscript from the author. The reviewers (National and International) are also requested for their Free of Cost OR very minimal Charge for their worthy contributions towards this cause of transpiring education, knowledge, and research. The Educational Institutions (worldwide) are welcomed to advertise for their courses/programs at www.scekr.org so that it helps the SCEKR in raising at least sufficient funds to meet the running cost of the objective behind the SCEKR and JCMI. The same are also looked forwards for their sponsors towards Conferences/Seminars/Workshops at national and international level.
In this regard, SCEKR looks forwards towards the acknowledgement and guidelines by Higher Education Commission (HEC) so that the research initiatives which are taken under the banner of SCEKR are to be persuaded further for the true nation building in the area of education, knowledge, and research.